Crocheting is Therapeutic

Crocheting helps me in so many ways.  It is  a very therapeutic hobby for me.  It helps to occupy the hours in the evening while my husband is watching television. I can sit and crochet while he is watching some kind of nonsense.  There is very little that I will actually watch.  Crocheting is also good for my arthritis.  My hands and fingers get so sore and stiff that at times it is very painful.  Crocheting has actually helped to keep my fingers more limber. Granted, I have to stop and take more breaks than I use to before the arthritis, but every doctor I have been to has told me to keep on crocheting, so I will.  I don’t think I would stop even if I was told to, I just love it too much.  I get so much joy from creating something and seeing the finished work.  Although it takes a back seat to seeing how much it means to the person I give to.   Over the years, I have made and given away more afghans than I can count.  Numerous hats and scarves, doilies, socks and slippers have also been in the mix.  Here is a nice pattern I got online for a crocheted afghan.

Ripple Afghan

The pattern is very easy and it works up quickly.  You can use any color combinations that you like. I chose sunflower, leaf green and pumpkin.  Use size N crochet hook. I alternated three rows of each color to get the effect that I wanted.  You can do your afghan the way you like to suit you.  That is what I like so much about this pattern, the ease with which you can change it to suit your needs.    Img0258





Thanks to Lion Brand for the pattern.  You can find more patterns and even order a catalog from them at


The Call

This #flashfiction story was written from a prompt taken out of a  book by Jason Sacher called “The Amazing Story Generator.”  I am going to have a lot of fun with this book. There are so many different combinations that it will take a very long time to get through it. So…get ready for some very different stories.  I hope that you like them. It’s not the type of story that I usually write, but I like it. This book will help me get away from the norm for me and get me into different styles of writing.

DSCF6571                 DSCF6573

The Call

What am I going to do?  I have to get my affairs in order.  If I let my boss know that I only have a week to live, I will be let go.  My family will starve. We will be homeless.  I can not tell anyone. Not even my wife and son.  It will be bad enough when it happens. They do not need the worry now.  Not with it happening so soon. 

I will continue going to work as always. I must pay more attention to my wife and son. Not too much of course or they will suspect something is wrong. The funny thing is that I feel fine. I have never felt better, but the doctor was so sure.  I had gone in for my yearly required check up. He said that I had a disease of the blood. Nothing could be done. It was too late.  I begged him not to say anything and he said that since the time was so short that he would not tell the authorities.

In the days ahead, I started writing letters to my wife and son to read after my demise. I kept my normal 12 hour days at work and went to required meetings.  By day five, I was ready to give up. I could not stand keeping this news from my wife. I decided to tell her after I got home from work that day.

After eating lunch at my desk, my phone rang.  I picked it up and answered. To my surprise, it was my doctor. He said that a great mistake had been made and that the records had been mixed up. Good news! Once again, I would keep all of this to myself. I could not express my feelings or my joy, but it was enough.

I was not going to die after all. I was the picture of health. After getting this news I would be a new man. As much as I would be allowed.  After all, I was living in North Korea.








Summer Valance in Crochet

Springcurtains..odt-1   PDF printable

curtains 009These pretty summer valances are just the thing for you if you don’t want a full curtain.  The size is perfect at  10″ x 26″.  You could easily make these longer than 10″ by just continuing the pattern to make a full curtain instead of a valance.  I think they are perfect when you have a mini blind and just want a little color.  The little flowers that I made on the flower loom can either be added or not as you wish and can be made in any color.  I wanted lots of color as you can see by the photos. Please respect that this is a pattern that was made by me and do  not take it as your own.

curtains 004


I used Lily Sugar N’ Cream yarn in the colors of Cornflower and Yellow for the valance.  A variety of different colors were used to make the flowers.  You can of course use any colors that you wish. Lily makes so many beautiful colors that it is hard to pick a favorite.  They also make beautiful variegated yarn as well.  You can look at all the different colors of yarn and get patterns too at their web site :

I used a size K crochet hook to make this pattern.


Ch: chain

DC: double crochet

slst: slip stitch

SC: single crochet

The directions are as follows:

Chain 80

Rows 1 – 14:  DC in third ch from hook. Ch 1, skip 1 ch, DC in next ch. Repeat across. Ch 3, turn.

Repeat this for the desired length that you want.  14 rows will get you a 10″ length.

Row 15 or the loop row.

At end of row 14, change colors if you wish. This is where I changed my color from yellow to cornflower blue.

Chain 1, sl st in first DC from row below. Chain 15, sc in same st.  *SC in ch 1 space, (SC in next DC, Ch 15, SC  all in same space) repeat from * across to the end and fasten off. Weave in loose ends.

Now you can add your flowers that you made on the flower loom.  You can get one of these flower looms at any craft store such as Michael’s or AC Moore or Amazon.  The directions come with the loom and are very easy to follow.

Since this is my pattern, please feel free to use it and even share it with others.  I have only one request and that is that you link back to me and give me proper credit.


I was not paid for this article by Lily, Michael’s , AC Moore or Amazon.