Crocheting is Therapeutic

Crocheting helps me in so many ways.  It is  a very therapeutic hobby for me.  It helps to occupy the hours in the evening while my husband is watching television. I can sit and crochet while he is watching some kind of nonsense.  There is very little that I will actually watch.  Crocheting is also good for my arthritis.  My hands and fingers get so sore and stiff that at times it is very painful.  Crocheting has actually helped to keep my fingers more limber. Granted, I have to stop and take more breaks than I use to before the arthritis, but every doctor I have been to has told me to keep on crocheting, so I will.  I don’t think I would stop even if I was told to, I just love it too much.  I get so much joy from creating something and seeing the finished work.  Although it takes a back seat to seeing how much it means to the person I give to.   Over the years, I have made and given away more afghans than I can count.  Numerous hats and scarves, doilies, socks and slippers have also been in the mix.  Here is a nice pattern I got online for a crocheted afghan.

Ripple Afghan

The pattern is very easy and it works up quickly.  You can use any color combinations that you like. I chose sunflower, leaf green and pumpkin.  Use size N crochet hook. I alternated three rows of each color to get the effect that I wanted.  You can do your afghan the way you like to suit you.  That is what I like so much about this pattern, the ease with which you can change it to suit your needs.    Img0258





Thanks to Lion Brand for the pattern.  You can find more patterns and even order a catalog from them at


3 thoughts on “Crocheting is Therapeutic

  1. Kat L. says:

    I have those and they definitely help, thank Julie! But sometimes I tend to forget about the world while crocheting until pain “wakes me up” and it’s good to know that it’s not advised to stop crocheting. I was kind of scared to ask my doctor 😉

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  2. Julie says:

    You’re welcome Kat L. You might want to think about getting some ergonomic crochet hooks. The ones with the soft grips. Don’t worry about getting the expensive ones. (I wouldn’t get the cheapest either) Any way, thank you for visiting my blog. It has been a pleasure to meet you.


  3. Kat L. says:

    I have arthritis as well and I was worried that at some point, crocheting might be too much for my poor fingers… so happy to read that in fact it’s the opposite and that your doctor recommends it as well, that gave me some hope 🙂 Thank you!

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