Crochet A Flower Bookmark

I love to read and I love books of all kinds. I am however always looking for a bookmark. I don’t like to bend the edge of a page down, it ruins the book.  Have you seen the cost of a bookmark?  I was in a book store the other day and was looking at a rack of bookmarks.  I was shocked at the prices.  The cheapest one I saw was $2.50.  I thought about it and decided that I could make one. I came home from the store with a good book and sat down to make my bookmark.

This colorful bookmark is very easy to make. It can be made in any color and you can use any medium worsted weight yarn.  I used Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn. To make the bookmark you will need the following items:

Size G crochet hook

Yarn needle

Flower Loom

Yarn of any kind or color as long as it is worsted weight 4 ply.

You can get any of these items at your local craft store. The flower loom comes with directions and is very easy to use.


HDC: Half double crochet

St:      Stitch

Ch:     Chain


With a G crochet hook, chain 6 making sure to leave a long tail. At least 8 inches.

Row 1:  1 HDC in second ch from hook and in each st across.  Ch 2, turn. (5st)

Rows 2-14: HDC across. Ch 2, turn.

Row 15:  Slip st in each st across. (5st)

Fasten off and weave in ends.

bloom loom amazonbookmark 007

Use the small side of the flower loom to make your flower using the directions that came with it. Make sure that you sew through the individual petal sections before removing the flower from the loom. (see photos above)

When you are done making your flower,  use your yarn needle and the yarn tail that you left at the start. You can now attach the flower  to your bookmark.  I hope you have fun making this bookmark. I am going to make many of these in all sorts of colors.  If you ask me, you can never have too many bookmarks.

As always, you may make as many of these bookmarks as you wish, the pattern is free to use. Do not  use this pattern as your own or try to sell the pattern.  If you want to share this pattern with your friends please link back to me and give me credit for the pattern.

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