How To Freeze Berries

How to freeze berries.

No matter what kind you prefer, fresh berries are a real treat. Not only are berries good for you, but they are low in calories and they taste great. Sadly, you can’t keep berries fresh year round. Freezing berries keeps them looking and tasting as if they were just picked.

The easiest way I have found to freeze berries is this:

1. Most importantly, you have to wash your berries. Put the stopper in your sink, place berries carefully in the sink being careful not to put too many in at once. You don’t want to crush them. Fill sink with enough water to cover the berries. Gently with your hands, swish berries around in the water. You may have to change the water several times to get rid of stems and any grass that may be in the water. When you see no more debris, gently lift out berries and place them in a colander to drain. You may want to place several paper towels in a bowl and place your berries in that for a while to get rid of the water. I have found that if you don’t get most of the water off of the berries, that they will get freezer burn quite easily.

2. Making sure that most of the water is gone from the berries, the next step is to place them on a cookie sheet that you have lined with wax paper. Place them in a single layer being careful not to over crowd them.

3. Next, place the cookie sheet in the freezer and let the berries freeze solid. Times may vary according to how you have your freezer set and how big the berries are. Just keep checking on them to see if they are frozen. A good two to three hours is usually sufficient.

4. Take cookie sheet of frozen berries out of the freezer and place on kitchen counter. Depending on how many berries you have to freeze, you will either want a quart or a gallon size freezer bag. A good zip lock will do. Place frozen berries in the freezer bag and zip closed. Place freezer bag in freezer.

5. Continue using this process until you are done with your berries.

Frozen berries will keep for many months and they can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you need a cup for a recipe, a handful to eat, or maybe you want to make a luscious smoothie, your berries should taste as fresh as the day that you picked them. Enjoy!

While I did write this story, I didn’t take any photos of my own at the time. I found some lovely photos online that I have given a link to.

Washing Berries












Freezing Berries    freezing_strawberries

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