They come alive after dark. #shortstory You’re going to like this one.

Sisters In The Shadows

 You’ve seen them leaning against a tree. Man or woman, all dark and mysterious. Just waiting for it to get dark so that they can move. Oh yes…you thought they were just yard decorations didn’t you? How foolish you are. When it gets dark they come alive. Waiting for their next victim. Did you ever notice how there are always more of them in the yard than there were before? Where did they come from?

Next time when you’re at home and walk past a window, look outside…NO ! don’t open the curtains, just peek through the edge. It isn’t there, is it? Where oh where did it go. You were in the dark hallway weren’t you? Now go to the kitchen. Do the same thing. Don’t open the curtains, don’t turn on the lights. Just peek. What the hell is it doing leaning out by the garden fence? That…

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Surrender To Me

Really HOT short story. 😈

Sisters In The Shadows

“There is no reason to make this so difficult. A promise is a promise. I don’t care that it was 20 years ago. It doesn’t have to be this hard you know. You knew who I was when you promised me your soul. I showed myself to you then as I am now. You said to me that if I would just please make your Mom say yes about taking the car and going to a party that I could have your soul whenever I wanted it.”

“WELL I WANT IT NOW! Do you think it was a joke? I take my job very seriously. You keep saying it was 20 years ago that you were just a kid. Really? You were old enough to know to call on me for help knowing fully what the consequences were. YOUR TIME IS UP! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?”

“It just so happens…

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Pumpkin Pie Anyone?

Pumpkin Pie Anyone? Try a slice! Bwahahahaha

Sisters In The Shadows

Every year there was a big Halloween Party down at the church. It started out with a contest for the kids and who had the best costume. Then came the traditional games…bobbing for apples, etc. You know the drill. Well, last year I started thinking about how much of a joke all of this was. Year after year after year. I started getting some ideas on how I could spice things up a bit. But, I am getting ahead of myself. Let me finish the story about the party. After all of the kids were done playing their games, Mrs. Flowers had them settled down in the playroom to rest. Soon the adults could start playing some of their games. There were about 30 adults, some were couples, some were married, some were spinsters that were settled in their ways and the other adults were rednecks to the core. Tobacco…

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Caroline’s Kite

Must Read. Spooky little tale about a kite.

Sisters In The Shadows

Caroline started her day just like any other. She woke up to the smell of bacon frying. Snuggled all warm in her bed she turned over and tried to go back to sleep. It was no use, once she smelled the bacon, it was all over. She heard her mom walking up the steps and call to her that breakfast was ready. Jumping out of bed and running to the bathroom, Caroline brushed her teeth and got ready to start her day. She decided to wear her red shorts. They were her lucky ones. Her mom told her she was silly, but every time she wore them, something happened and something was not always good.

After her breakfast, Caroline went out to the porch and got her kite. She had left it in the corner by her favorite chair. It was a hanging basket that her grandmother had gotten for…

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Just Another Sunday…I Think

Who knows what today will bring. I’ve gotten up a lot earlier than usual, which is odd. I’m drinking my first cup of coffee for the day. It’s delicious by the way. I’ve gotten peppermint mocha coffee creamer. Oh Yummy! I may have more than my usual 2 cups!!

But, I must digress and get on with my post, and please let me know what you think. I have some need of your input.

I started on this project a few days ago. I’m making a scarf and I’m using Debbie Bliss Milano which is just beautiful to work with. I’m even thinking about putting on some beads for a little bit of flash. I just can’t decide which ones yet.  Usually when I want to add beads to something I just crochet them into the project, however, I actually didn’t decide on the beads until this morning. I do know that I don’t want them throughout the whole scarf. More around the ends would be to my liking. This isn’t a winter scarf, it’s more of an every day scarf, it’s light weight and would go with just about anything. I’m making it long enough that you could wrap it several different ways.

I’ve taken a few photos of the project.

The flash went off in the first photo. The actual color is in-between the photos. The middle one is one of the different beads I have to choose from. This last photo is a closeup shot of the beads. Hmmm…decisions decisions.  The beads on the top are glass beads which are very pretty. The grey beads on the left and then the wooden beads on the right.

Who knows, I may finish this scarf yet. Then I have to choose some colors for my next project. A giant Granny Square! I just love making granny squares. I may even start the giant granny today. It wouldn’t be the first time that I have more than one project on a hook!