The Shadows On The Wall

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Sisters In The Shadows

The shadows on the wall are calling me tonight

Would you care to come with me and see the sights?

Frighten you I promise it will

You’ll be howling to see the light

But darkness and fear is all that you’ll see

Your own mind is playing along just right

The fingers you feel brushing on the back of your neck

Are not your imagination, do you want to take a guess what it is?

Step into the shadow and follow him in

If you’re lucky, he might let you win

I wouldn’t count on it though,

That scream that you heard

It was yours. Didn’t you know?

This is no dream, no nightmare

This hair raising horror you feel

It’s real, look around but don’t dare make a sound

Don’t move or they’ll hear you

The hands they are grabbing from down below

They’ll pull you under if you…

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