One Big Granny Square

I have made tons of granny squares over the 40 plus years that I have been crocheting. Yes I know…I am giving away my age, but I think I look pretty good. Any way, this was my first attempt at making a giant granny square. I thought if I could make a small onleak-025e then I could just keep on going and make a really big one. I used DK weight yarn and doubled it and I also use a giant plastic crochet hook.   Do you see it on the bottom right?

I believe it is a size Q. This picture was taken several years ago. If I took one now, my collection of crochet hooks would take up the whole page. LOL

Here is the shot of my giant granny.  I must go for now. You all have a wonderful day!




6 thoughts on “One Big Granny Square

  1. leah says:

    Well I’m sure it will be great! Loved this one you posted! I can’t post mine yet, except in a FB group.. I’ll do that.. So the person its for at christmas won’t see. 🙂
    I hope you post your next one too…

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