The Costume


It was almost Halloween and the whole town was getting ready for the big party held at the town square. There were even a few people already dressing up and walking around town trying to scare somebody. The Sheriff had already warned a few of the costume goers not to scare none of the old folks. The ambulance had to be called for old Mrs. Sweeny because of it. She was alright, but it sure gave her a fright. Sheriff Tom said he couldn’t catch the person that scared Mrs. Sweeny and he asked around town if anyone knew who it was that was wearing the Grim Reaper costume. Several people had seen the Reaper walking around town…well to be more accurate, they described it as gliding like it was about 6 inches off the ground. Kind of eerie if you ask me. I hadn’t seen it yet myself and I hoped I didn’t, but wouldn’t you know, Sheriff Tom asked me to keep my eye out for it.

Read the rest of The Costume. Another story from Sisters in the Shadows.

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