Pumpkin Pie Anyone?

Pumpkin Pie Anyone? Try a slice! Bwahahahaha

Sisters In The Shadows

Every year there was a big Halloween Party down at the church. It started out with a contest for the kids and who had the best costume. Then came the traditional games…bobbing for apples, etc. You know the drill. Well, last year I started thinking about how much of a joke all of this was. Year after year after year. I started getting some ideas on how I could spice things up a bit. But, I am getting ahead of myself. Let me finish the story about the party. After all of the kids were done playing their games, Mrs. Flowers had them settled down in the playroom to rest. Soon the adults could start playing some of their games. There were about 30 adults, some were couples, some were married, some were spinsters that were settled in their ways and the other adults were rednecks to the core. Tobacco…

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