Surrender To Me

Really HOT short story. 😈

Sisters In The Shadows

“There is no reason to make this so difficult. A promise is a promise. I don’t care that it was 20 years ago. It doesn’t have to be this hard you know. You knew who I was when you promised me your soul. I showed myself to you then as I am now. You said to me that if I would just please make your Mom say yes about taking the car and going to a party that I could have your soul whenever I wanted it.”

“WELL I WANT IT NOW! Do you think it was a joke? I take my job very seriously. You keep saying it was 20 years ago that you were just a kid. Really? You were old enough to know to call on me for help knowing fully what the consequences were. YOUR TIME IS UP! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?”

“It just so happens…

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