They come alive after dark. #shortstory You’re going to like this one.

Sisters In The Shadows

 You’ve seen them leaning against a tree. Man or woman, all dark and mysterious. Just waiting for it to get dark so that they can move. Oh yes…you thought they were just yard decorations didn’t you? How foolish you are. When it gets dark they come alive. Waiting for their next victim. Did you ever notice how there are always more of them in the yard than there were before? Where did they come from?

Next time when you’re at home and walk past a window, look outside…NO ! don’t open the curtains, just peek through the edge. It isn’t there, is it? Where oh where did it go. You were in the dark hallway weren’t you? Now go to the kitchen. Do the same thing. Don’t open the curtains, don’t turn on the lights. Just peek. What the hell is it doing leaning out by the garden fence? That…

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