The Bed

Day 7

The Bed

It all comes back to me now,

So long ago that it almost

seems insignificant.

But it is very much the

reason why I am so afraid

of letting my arm or leg

slide over the edge of the bed.

My brother, at the urging of

our mother, hid under my bed.

Waiting quietly, patiently for me

to get ready for bed.

At last I was ready. I got into bed,

Put my covers on and of course

my doll fell to the floor.

I reached over the edge of the bed

my arm stretching to get my doll.

When all at once I felt a hand!

Grabbing my wrist, it was cold,

and I screamed as loud as my little

voice could. The hand would not

let go. I was terrified.

At last my mother came in laughing

and the hand let go.

My brother came out from under the bed

ran to our mother and started laughing

with her. I was crying uncontrollably, balled up

against the wall.

“Don’t be such a baby!” “Can’t you take a joke?”

The voice I heard was that of my mother.

The last thing I heard that night was the door

closing and the laughter.

I quietly sobbed myself to sleep.

Never again did I let any part of me

hang over the edge of The Bed.

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