Fried Green Tomatoes

Great memories that take you back to a time when things were simple. When the little things made you happy. Things that make you smile and feel good. What things take you back in time and make you smile?

Fried Green Tomatoes

What is it about the taste

Of fried green tomatoes that

takes me back to my

Grandmas kitchen table

Waiting there patiently for

Grandma to get done because

She won’t stop until the plate

Is piled high

Finally she turns and puts

The plate on the table

And we dig in

That first taste that burns our

Tongues because we can’t wait

Is eye rolling good

The only sound you hear

Is fork scraping the plate

And lips smacking with the

Sound of appreciation

The pile has gone down

To only one or two left

On the plate

And all is good because

Grandma smiles

And that is all we need

We will remember the

Taste of Fried Green Tomatoes

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