Taking Chances (Paranoia)

This might sound a little bit paranoid, but I’m going out tomorrow to get groceries and I’m afraid. I’m going to wear a mask 😷 and take all precautions so I should be fine. It’s just that you don’t know what to expect and who to listen to. I know that I’m going out with a new perspective of everything and everyone!

stall with various fruits on market on street
Photo by ready made on Pexels.com

Always in my thoughts are that I don’t know what I’m getting into. Then I think,,,you’re a grown woman, you’re smart, why would you do this to yourself? Why are you letting yourself get so worked up. You’re doing what you are supposed to do. You will be fine. Besides you need the fresh air 💨. You need to feel the sun 🌞 on your face. You need to be normal…aware but normal. That feels right. Feeling normal. At least for a while. 😌 ❤

3 thoughts on “Taking Chances (Paranoia)

  1. I sure do understand the thoughts you mentioned here. It’s all so confusing. I am glad though that you invited me to do with you, and feel confident that we did all that we could do to stay safe. Had a good time too!


  2. Nice to have you back to the blogging world, Julie!
    I think anxiety is justified and understandable, but as you say, you do everything right to protect yourself and others, and I wish you safe and good shopping experience!

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