The Landfill (Earth)

From the eyes of some Alien Nation

They come across a landfill

Mounds and mounds of trash and stench

They look at each other

Their long tapering fingers

Scratching their heads in wonder

Without the need for speech

They communicate their dislike

To each other and wonder how

Or why earth people choose

To live this way

If they would only listen

It is so easy to live without

All of the trash and stench

This disposable society in

Which they choose to live

Is so unnecessary

This Alien Nation tried so

many years ago to help

this earth colony to no avail

Once again they looked

At each other, shook their heads

And flew back to their home

After all, it is their choice

They know we exist and choose

To ignore the warning signs

Let them live in their

Trash and their stench

A Stick And Some String

I wonder how the idea of crochet came about

stick and string

Did they try and try and fail and pout

Makes you wonder how they came to ponder

that one would even try to conjure

Why they would persist at anythingstick and string 2

With a little stick and some string

Laughter And Memories

Thinking back many years ago



I remember things that make

Me laugh

Seeing in my minds eye

Climbing the big old maple tree

As a small girl

To the top as the wind blows

Laughing as I hold on

To the branch as it goes to and fro

In the wind

Seeing my little sister dress up as

She gets ready to show her pet goat

She won first place by the way

She was laughing as her picture

was taken and so was I

Nanny was so much bigger than her

In our later years the laughter

grows stronger as we giggle

about things past and the giggles

grow in to belly laughs which

grow into happy tears and hugs

Laughter is the best memory of all

What Makes You Think I Care?

What Makes You Think I Care ?

A phrase often heard when I was young

It seemed to easily roll off the tongue

It was meant to hurt whoever heard

The direction of the words observed

By the speaker who had the upper hand

The say so, the rules and strength to grandstand

Words can often hurt more than any other

Things that can be done by another

The words were often meant to scare

What makes you think I care?