Just Another Sunday…I Think

Who knows what today will bring. I’ve gotten up a lot earlier than usual, which is odd. I’m drinking my first cup of coffee for the day. It’s delicious by the way. I’ve gotten peppermint mocha coffee creamer. Oh Yummy! I may have more than my usual 2 cups!!

But, I must digress and get on with my post, and please let me know what you think. I have some need of your input.

I started on this project a few days ago. I’m making a scarf and I’m using Debbie Bliss Milano which is just beautiful to work with. I’m even thinking about putting on some beads for a little bit of flash. I just can’t decide which ones yet.  Usually when I want to add beads to something I just crochet them into the project, however, I actually didn’t decide on the beads until this morning. I do know that I don’t want them throughout the whole scarf. More around the ends would be to my liking. This isn’t a winter scarf, it’s more of an every day scarf, it’s light weight and would go with just about anything. I’m making it long enough that you could wrap it several different ways.

I’ve taken a few photos of the project.

The flash went off in the first photo. The actual color is in-between the photos. The middle one is one of the different beads I have to choose from. This last photo is a closeup shot of the beads. Hmmm…decisions decisions.  The beads on the top are glass beads which are very pretty. The grey beads on the left and then the wooden beads on the right.

Who knows, I may finish this scarf yet. Then I have to choose some colors for my next project. A giant Granny Square! I just love making granny squares. I may even start the giant granny today. It wouldn’t be the first time that I have more than one project on a hook!


One Big Granny Square

I have made tons of granny squares over the 40 plus years that I have been crocheting. Yes I know…I am giving away my age, but I think I look pretty good. Any way, this was my first attempt at making a giant granny square. I thought if I could make a small onleak-025e then I could just keep on going and make a really big one. I used DK weight yarn and doubled it and I also use a giant plastic crochet hook.   Do you see it on the bottom right?

I believe it is a size Q. This picture was taken several years ago. If I took one now, my collection of crochet hooks would take up the whole page. LOL

Here is the shot of my giant granny.  I must go for now. You all have a wonderful day!




Yarn (A Poem)


A round ball of fluff,

Soft and warm, as blue as the sky

As green as the grass

As yellow as the sun

Yarn comes in all

The colors of the rainbow.

A stringy mass of goodness.

When I create something

from a stick and some string,

I feel comfort in the softness

The soft feel of yarn

As it turns into a blanket,

Or a scarf, hat or socks.

Yarn can be anything I want it to be.

When I sit down at the end of the day

I look around at my stash and it is

Beautiful to me.

I can hear it whispering softly,

The yarn calls to me and says

Make me into something pretty.


Crafts For Your Garden Or Patio

Crafts for your garden and patio.

Making things to put out on your patio or in your garden can be a joy. It is a  sense of accomplishment and you can proudly  say, “Hey, I made this!”

Here are just a few ideas:

You can paint some pretty designs on  clay pots. You can buy the pots almost anywhere, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc. Next, you want to get some craft paint. You can buy it at a craft store.The craft stores have a bigger variety of colors so make sure you get some nice ones. The brighter the better. Get some cheap artist brushes or whatever you feel comfortable using and last you want to get some kind of polyurethane to seal the project. I generally use the spray on type, but on some projects it is easier to use the kind you brush on. Use your own discretion. Make sure you put some old newspaper down to cover your work space and most of all, be creative. Let your imagination run free.

While you have your craft paints out, another good project is painting stones. I know that sounds strange, but trust me, the outcome is truly very pretty. Look around for any large smooth or not so smooth rock. (Not so big that you can’t lift it.) They can be flat or round, shape doesn’t really matter and in fact it can enhance the finished product if the stone is a little misshapen. Make sure to brush off all the loose dirt first.  An old paint brush works very well for this.  If the rock is truly dirty, you can wash it first, just make sure that it is very dry before painting. You can start off by painting the whole stone a good background color and then paint designs on that, or you can leave the stone its natural color and paint on that.  Once again make sure that you give it a good coat of sealant when you are done with the artwork. These look pretty in a rock garden or between flower beds. You can even use the flat ones as stepping stones.

Craft stores carry a variety of unfinished wood items for you to finish. Bird houses


Here are some birdhouses my husband and I made for my indoor garden. Bright and cheerful.

are just one of the things carried. You can get one of these rather cheaply and paint it any color you wish. When you are finished, hang it up in a tree or on a post and watch to see what kind of bird the house attracts. You can also buy a small flat piece of wood and paint it with the color of your choice and either buy letter stickers, stencils,  or if your handwriting is good you can free hand a little saying of some kind like, “Welcome to my garden.” or “Birds only, no cats allowed.” You can write whatever you wish. Really make it your own. Seal it with polyurethane and hang it up.


If you have children, they can help you with any of these projects. Just make sure they have on some old clothes, that you protect the work space with old newspapers and finally, have fun!



A close up shot of the birdhouses.


Just Because I Want To…Rugs

Who crochets just because?  Sometimes I have nothing planned or no project to work on and I crochet just because. I might end up with a hat, or a scarf, but most of the time I will end up frogging it out because it doesn’t look like anything that is usable. LOL

I do have a bathroom rug that I am working on for my sister. I could work on that and maybe I will. Hmmm. My other rugs have turned out quite well. Would you like to take a look at them?

Here they are. At least some of them. I have done many more that I didn’t take photos of, but you get the idea.

Here are the colors for my sisters new rug.

It’s going to be three big stripes and I will make a border of some kind. Well, I guess I won’t be crocheting at random after all. I want to get this rug finished…so I’ll be working on it today.

Tell me about some of your projects. I’m excited to see what you all are working on. Even if its not crochet.

Hope you all have a wonderfully creative day!