Craft Sale

In a few days, I will be setting up a table at a craft sale.  I am getting really excited. It has been a long time since I have done this. What I am worried about is pricing my items properly. I don’t want to undercut myself, but I also don’t want to make my things too expensive. The time it takes to make things and the cost of materials is something that I think about while I’m putting prices on.

I’ve been crocheting and knitting for a long time now and I will be doing both for the foreseeable future. The enjoyment that I get from working with yarn and other materials is stress-free comfort. Feeling the different textures run between my fingers is like no other feeling that I can describe.

If any of you fellow crafters have tips on pricing that you use, please feel free to leave a comment. I would sincerely appreciate any and all ideas that you have. This has been pain in my posterior for a long long time.



Just For Me

I really need some new dish cloths. So after some pondering, it took quite some time to convince myself that it would be alright for me to take some time off and make something Just For Me.

You see, I’m not used to doing that. I am usually busy making things for others that it doesn’t even cross my mind to make something for myself. I figured that I make dish cloths so quickly that I really could take some time for me. And you know what?  It feels good.  Besides that, I’ve been wanting to try this new yarn organizer that my sister got me for Christmas. It keeps the balls from becoming tangled or rolling across the floor. I have to tell you Tracy (sister), I Love It!!! Thank you, Thank you.

I didn’t get into my cotton yarn bin for these colors. These were easy to get to. If you saw my stash, you would understand my dilemma on getting to my cotton bin. Oh dear   😦

That is going to be my project for another day. It gives me a headache just thinking about it! LOL  Well friends, it’s time to show you some photos of the dishcloth that I am making and of the  colors that I picked for the others. I figured that three cloths would be enough for now.



I’ll show you the end product. It won’t take too long for me to finish these. Then I have to figure out what I’m going to start on next. Everything I make is…





Crochet Of The Day

I have had several projects on and off the hook lately that I have decided to finish, so here they are.  The dishcloths are for me, I have been needing to make them for quite some time and one evening I got totally selfish, I made five dishcloths, and I love them. The two coasters were made for my sister. I decided to make something totally fun and in fun colors. Photos don’t do them justice. One is in pink and orange and the other is in purple and light yellow.  She hasn’t seen them yet, but as she reads my blog…she’ll see them now.  I sure hope she likes them. I have made her others in the muted colors that she loves so much, and for a big contrast, I am giving her a splash for her writing desk. The blanket is one of many that I have yet to make for my favorite charity, Project Night Night. Last year I made ten blankets to go along with the other things that go in the bag.  Please go to the link and read about what they do. I am proud to be able to help in this wonderful cause for homeless children. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. If you want to do so privately, you can email me at

Let me know in the comment section that you have emailed me so I can be on the lookout  for it.

I hope you enjoy the photos.