Fried Green Tomatoes

Day 27

Fried Green Tomatoes

What is it about the taste

Of fried green tomatoes that

takes me back to my

Grandmas kitchen table?

Waiting there patiently for

Grandma to get done because

She won’t stop until the plate

Is piled high.

Finally she turns and puts

The plate on the table,

And we dig in.

That first taste that burns our

Tongues because we can’t wait

Is eye rolling good.

The only sound you hear

Is fork scraping the plate

And lips smacking with the

Sound of appreciation.

The pile has gone down

To only one or two left

On the plate,

And all is good because

Grandma smiles.

And that is all we need

We will remember the

Taste of Fried Green Tomatoes.

Spring Rain

Day 24

I just can’t get in to this prompt. So once again I will go off on my own.

I hope you like it.

Spring Rain (Acrostic)
Spring rain falls down upon the sleepy winter earth

Pulling from the depths of it

Remaining seeds of last autumn’s retreat

Into the sky these seeds reach

No longer restrained by seed coat or cold earth

Gripping firmly to their rebirth in Spring.
Remembering their path of old

Among the tulips so red

If the gardens don’t tell

No secrets are lost in the end.

Earth Day Acrostic – Don’t Let Me Die

Day 22

Earth Day Acrostic – Don’t Let Me Die

Earnestly show you mean to help

Accountability, no more lies

Return to me my seas of kelp

Turn blue once again my skies

Help me to grow my plains of wheat
Destroy not my mountains so high

Anger me not with your words so sweet

You  have worn out your welcome this time
Endearing to me are words that are true

Allow me a fate that is lasting

Remember that I am all there is

Today is all I can spare without wasting away

Help me before it’s too late

Dare to do what is right

Arm yourself for the fight

You can do it if only you try, Oh please hear my cries   tear


I don’t want to die.




Crafts For Your Garden Or Patio

Crafts for your garden and patio.

Making things to put out on your patio or in your garden can be a joy. It is a  sense of accomplishment and you can proudly  say, “Hey, I made this!”

Here are just a few ideas:

You can paint some pretty designs on  clay pots. You can buy the pots almost anywhere, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc. Next, you want to get some craft paint. You can buy it at a craft store.The craft stores have a bigger variety of colors so make sure you get some nice ones. The brighter the better. Get some cheap artist brushes or whatever you feel comfortable using and last you want to get some kind of polyurethane to seal the project. I generally use the spray on type, but on some projects it is easier to use the kind you brush on. Use your own discretion. Make sure you put some old newspaper down to cover your work space and most of all, be creative. Let your imagination run free.

While you have your craft paints out, another good project is painting stones. I know that sounds strange, but trust me, the outcome is truly very pretty. Look around for any large smooth or not so smooth rock. (Not so big that you can’t lift it.) They can be flat or round, shape doesn’t really matter and in fact it can enhance the finished product if the stone is a little misshapen. Make sure to brush off all the loose dirt first.  An old paint brush works very well for this.  If the rock is truly dirty, you can wash it first, just make sure that it is very dry before painting. You can start off by painting the whole stone a good background color and then paint designs on that, or you can leave the stone its natural color and paint on that.  Once again make sure that you give it a good coat of sealant when you are done with the artwork. These look pretty in a rock garden or between flower beds. You can even use the flat ones as stepping stones.

Craft stores carry a variety of unfinished wood items for you to finish. Bird houses


Here are some birdhouses my husband and I made for my indoor garden. Bright and cheerful.

are just one of the things carried. You can get one of these rather cheaply and paint it any color you wish. When you are finished, hang it up in a tree or on a post and watch to see what kind of bird the house attracts. You can also buy a small flat piece of wood and paint it with the color of your choice and either buy letter stickers, stencils,  or if your handwriting is good you can free hand a little saying of some kind like, “Welcome to my garden.” or “Birds only, no cats allowed.” You can write whatever you wish. Really make it your own. Seal it with polyurethane and hang it up.


If you have children, they can help you with any of these projects. Just make sure they have on some old clothes, that you protect the work space with old newspapers and finally, have fun!



A close up shot of the birdhouses.




The first day of summer always reminds me of when I was a young teenager.  We lived in the country with fields of flowers, flowing creeks and gardens full of fresh vegetables. It was a good summer day when no chores needed done and I was free to wander and dream till my heart was content.

I remember that day with fondness and I wrote this poem.  I hope you like it and that you can dream along with me. Let it take you back to a day where you could take some time and just dream.  Here is that poem (Memoir)     field of dreams

FIELD OF DAYDREAMS                                                            

Walking slowly along in the coolness of the tree-lined dirt road, I could already smell the wild flowers. The sweetness of the wild roses and the spicy aroma of the Queen Anne’s lace greeted me with the breeze.

I stopped and leaned against a tree and closed my eyes. I could see the flowers in my mind… flowers in every color of the rainbow. The gentle wind brushed against my face like a feather, and I opened my eyes.

I started walking again. Just a few more steps and I would be there. I turned the corner by the old barn, and there it was. The sight always took my breath away. The field was ablaze with color. The golden-yellow of the black-eyed Susan, the reddish-orange of the wild poppy, and the delicate blue of the cornflower were remarkable.

I was headed for the stream that was on the other side of the field. Little by little, I made my way through the tall grass. The grasshoppers jumped out of my way as I passed by.

Stopping occasionally to pick some daisies, I could hear the faint sound of the gurgling stream. I walked closer to the sound, and I could see the sun glistening off the water like diamonds.

Arriving at the stream, I sat down in the cool grass and began making a necklace out of the daisies that I had picked. I had been working on it for some time when I heard a noise at the edge of the field and looked up to see what it was. I could hardly believe my eyes. A deer and her fawn had come out of the woods to eat, and I watched them in fascination. After a while, they returned to the woods.

I lay back in the grass and looked at the sky. The puffy, white clouds were drifting lazily along. They were taking on different shapes as I watched. I could see a horse carrying a rider. In my mind, it was my knight in shining armor coming to carry me away.

The harsh cry of a crow startled me. I got up and looked around the field. I could see the garden on the other side of the road. The corn was getting tall, and the tomatoes were starting to get red. Both would need to be picked soon.

I heard the screen door slam shut on the back porch. My mom would be calling me soon for dinner. It was time to go. I gently tossed my daisy necklace into the stream and watched it float away.

I headed back through the tall grass toward the road. The aroma of fried chicken was drifting toward me in the breeze. I knew there would be buttery mashed potatoes and a crisp salad on the table as well, and I hurried my step. I would be back tomorrow for more dreams.