Halloween a few days late!

I have been neglecting this blog for a while and I want to tell you all that I have not forgotten you. I took part in the October Halloween fest and writing for that and now for the month of November I am writing for NanoWrimo. I hope that I can keep up with it all. Nano is quite the challenge.

Among other issues in my life right now, I have been having some medical problems and today I am having a Colonoscopy. So as I write this, I am partaking of the “wonderful” drink every 15 minutes. Joy Joy!! (I am being oh so sarcastic)

What I wanted to show you all is the little Halloween Gang that I made for my sister. Halloween is her most favorite time of year so I thought I would surprise her. She adores them.


My mind isn’t working very well right now what with all the trips down the hall. I would tell you their names…yes…she named them and I love it. I do know that the Spider is Edward, the Bat is Victoria, but I’ll be darned if I can remember the Ghosts name. So Tracy when you read this would you please leave a comment with the name? I’m sorry for the brain fog, but it is what it is.

Its that time again for another drink so I am going to leave you all for now. I will be back soon with another post. Thanks for being so understanding. Love you all! ❤



Crafty Crochet : Christmas in July

I can hear what you’re saying. What!! Christmas already…but summer just started.

All of you crafters out there know that if you want to gift any hand-made crafts for Christmas that you have to start early and the earlier the better.  Crafting is a year long job for a lot of crafters and it is not unusual to start making Christmas gifts immediately after the holiday.  However, starting your Christmas crafts in the month of July, usually gives you ample time to get your gifts done if you keep at it.

Crocheting your gifts usually takes some planning.  Figuring out which gifts you are going to make for each person on your list can be fun.  Try not to pick complicated patterns unless you have either done it before or are very sure that you can do it.  It can be easy to get discouraged if you start a hard pattern and can’t figure it out after you get the initial rows started.  Stick to what you know and wait to start a new pattern when you can devote more time to it.

Red, green and white are the most usual colors for any Christmas craft.  If you are a crocheter or knitter, a lot of the yarn associated with this holiday have some sort of silver or gold filament in them and gives the yarn a nice sparkle.  This type of yarn is good for making coasters and placemats and they really look great on your holiday table.  The choice of yarn color for your gifts is totally up to the individual. More and more colors are becoming available and with varying degrees of softness and texture, you can have almost as much fun picking a yarn color as actually making your item.

Red Heart has free patterns that are very easy to follow and are in both crochet and knit.  The patterns run the gamut from afghans, pillows and ornaments to hats, flowers and nativity sets.  Favecrafts has tons of crafting ideas for Christmas. Favecrafts is not limited to crochet or knitting ideas.  This site is a favorite with many crafters because they have such a wide variety of  ideas and e-books that are very easy to download.

Lion Brand  is another fantastic site for patterns and has many different types of yarn to choose from. No matter where you get your crafting ideas from, just remember to give yourself plenty of time to get your gifts done.  Don’t start a big project and stress yourself out if you can’t get it done.  Christmas is such a happy time of year so smile and start your projects early. Here is a photo of some crochet earrings that I made.