A Letter To My Love

Day 16

A Letter To My Love

My dearest husband,

How could you know

That so many years would go by.

And our love would still

Be fresh and new.

Like it was when we first met

I knew from our very first walk.

That we would grow old together

And look at us now.

Twenty-two years and counting

Our love is still alive.

I wish us many more happy

Years my love.

Only you can fill my heart

With such joy.

Till the end of time,

Your loving wife.

Laughter And Memories

Day 12

Laughter and Memories

Thinking back many years ago

I remember things that make

Me laugh

Seeing in my minds eye

Climbing the big old maple tree

As a small girl

To the top as the wind blows

Laughing as I hold on

To the branch as it goes to and fro

In the wind

Seeing my little sister dress up as

She gets ready to show her pet goat

She won first place by the way

She was laughing as her picture

was taken and so was I

Nanny was so much bigger than her

In our later years the laughter

grows stronger as we giggle

about things past and the giggles

grow in to belly laughs which

grow into happy tears and hugs

Laughter is the best memory of all

2017-A Year For Doing Good Things

What a great way to start off the new year.  I got a pleasant surprise the other day by email.

I made a Christmas afghan a couple of years ago that got auctioned off for charity.  Well, the person that won it sent me an email. They said how much they enjoyed the afghan and that they had gotten many compliments on it. They also said that I should make more of them.


Afghan I made for charity.

To say that I was overjoyed is an understatement. I know that my plans for crocheting more for charity this year is a good one and a plan that I will keep. It makes me feel good to know that people really do appreciate good work.

I was thinking about all of the different color combinations that I could choose from and I thought about two or three different blues and white. The possibilities are endless.

The email that I got has made me realize another thing. How very important it is to think of others. That you are keeping someone warm or making a security blanket for a child. Or just the simple fact that you care enough about someone and I have been blessed to see the smile and joy on a child’s face when they get a blanket. That is enough for me to keep on doing this thing that I have been doing for years and years. The smiles of appreciation. Oh yeah, that will do it for me.