Where Did I Go Wrong With My Love

Day 11

Like a bolt of lightening

Has struck my heart

Not knowing where or when

I should have tried harder

Tried a different type of

Discipline when small

Where did I go wrong with my love

When young it was so easy

To correct and address wrong doing

As a teen you start seeing problems

Wondering how to get their attention

To get them moving in the right direction

Chastisement is a joke as you see

Their eyes glaze over and you know

That they are not listening so you stop

Where did I go wrong with my love

Calls come in the middle of the night now

No longer can he resist he needs help

But the calls come not to talk or ask advice

Just calling for money or getting out of trouble

Is the norm these days and just like that

They cease to exist and leave no trace

Where did I go wrong with my love

The Bed

Day 7

The Bed

It all comes back to me now,

So long ago that it almost

seems insignificant.

But it is very much the

reason why I am so afraid

of letting my arm or leg

slide over the edge of the bed.

My brother, at the urging of

our mother, hid under my bed.

Waiting quietly, patiently for me

to get ready for bed.

At last I was ready. I got into bed,

Put my covers on and of course

my doll fell to the floor.

I reached over the edge of the bed

my arm stretching to get my doll.

When all at once I felt a hand!

Grabbing my wrist, it was cold,

and I screamed as loud as my little

voice could. The hand would not

let go. I was terrified.

At last my mother came in laughing

and the hand let go.

My brother came out from under the bed

ran to our mother and started laughing

with her. I was crying uncontrollably, balled up

against the wall.

“Don’t be such a baby!” “Can’t you take a joke?”

The voice I heard was that of my mother.

The last thing I heard that night was the door

closing and the laughter.

I quietly sobbed myself to sleep.

Never again did I let any part of me

hang over the edge of The Bed.

Tragedy in America

The recent events of this morning have been horrific.  The biggest mass shooting in America ever. How do you even start to understand this kind of thing.  Fifty people have needlessly lost their lives. Fifty-three injured, some of them critically. rip

I am anxiously waiting for the next press conference to see what else they have found out about this shooter. I won’t call him human, he is a monster.

My heart is crying over this tragedy. When is all of this violence going to stop?  I don’t think that is a question that can be answered because no one can agree on what to do to stop it.

All of those poor families that are waiting to hear if their loved ones are on the list of ones that have been lost. My whole heart and all my love goes out to all of the people affected by this tragedy. All of the injured that are in the hospitals, I am praying that they can be healed. ( I am not a religious person, but who ever you pray to, now would be the time to pray. You will be heard.)

As we await the outcome of this obscene blow to our way of life, we all need to be watchful of our surroundings and be so very careful. This is a sad way to live, but unfortunately, it is a fact of the times that we live in. This kind of catastrophe can happen anywhere and at any time.

The world that we live in has changed, and we must not stop living and going out and enjoying ourselves. That would be the wrong thing to do. We must show these deranged people that they can not stop us from living our day to day lives.

Please stay safe out there and be ever mindful of your surroundings. If something doesn’t feel right or look right, follow your instincts. They are hope-quotes06usually right.